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Christina Hesford is a hand weaver focusing on woven artwork for galleries, public, and private spaces.

An Interview with

Journal of a textile artist and hand weaver

A journal of art, news, events, reviews, and opinions from artist Christina Hesford.


An Interview with

Christina Hesford

Recently, I was interviewed by the lovely people at They asked me about how I got into textiles, my working process, and what inspires me. Called 'To construct and deconstruct', here's a little glimpse at what got said!

Repaired Rag What initially captured your imagination about textile art?

Christina Hesford: Of all the arts, textile art drew me in because it is tangible. Textiles are about tactility, about the physical relationship between our bodies and what we experience through touch.

I realised quite quickly as an artist that every material we have a relationship with is in some way a textile, from granite to silk, from the wind to latex, which makes textiles a very free and exciting place to work!

Have you always been interested in textiles?

Growing up in Indonesia, I was surrounded by colourful and vibrant textiles. There is such a rich heritage of cloth-making in that part of the world, such as batik and ikat, and I’m sure...