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Christina Hesford is a hand weaver focusing on woven artwork for galleries, public, and private spaces.

'To Repair with Gold' is on show at... Makers Guild in Wales!

Journal of a textile artist and hand weaver

A journal of art, news, events, reviews, and opinions from artist Christina Hesford.


'To Repair with Gold' is on show at... Makers Guild in Wales!

Christina Hesford

Christina Hesford Craft in the Bay
Makers Guild in Wales

Earlier this year 'To Repair with Gold' was selected for the Makers Guild in Wales 'Summer Show: Weave'. The opening last week was a wonderful event and a lovely opportunity to head to Cardiff! My work was on show alongside work by Laura Thomas, Sue Hiley Harris, and Hans Borgonjon. The selectors had really considered and challenged the notion of weave, meaning that traditional woven pieces such as scarves and textiles, were displayed alongside basketry, woven metal, and woven ceramics. It really is mind-broadening exhibition!

The exhibition is open until 11th September at Craft in the Bay, Cardiff. 

Sue Hiley Harris - 925 Folded   #3

Sue Hiley Harris - 925 Folded #3

Hans Borgonjon - Lace Porcelain

Hans Borgonjon - Lace Porcelain