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Christina Hesford is a hand weaver focusing on woven artwork for galleries, public, and private spaces.




2016. Polythene sheeting, fire-hose, Fastclamp structure, plastic eyelets, brass eyelets.

‘Avenue’ is a temporary, site-specific, woven installation developed for the Festival of Thrift at Kirkleatham Museum. 

Inspired by the recent history of arson within the stable blocks of Kirkleatham Museum (the stables had been subject to arson three times since 1990, each time causing immense damage to the impressive Grade II listed buildings), the artwork was hand-woven using decommissioned fire-hoses and hand-cut polythene sheeting and supported by a steel framework. 

Woven using a herringbone structure, the pattern mirrors some of the beautiful tiling present within the stables, as well as referencing an ancient woven structure. ‘Avenue’ is a departure from the scale and materials usually used by Christina Hesford; transforming the domestic scale of woven cloth into a larger, more industrial landscape, whilst retaining the legacy of weaving.

Made with support from Arts Council England, Navigator North, East Street ArtsFestival of Thrift, and Cleveland Fire Brigade